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Amazon levels of

intelligence for D2C

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Our intelligent fulfillment platform at Ohi gives your customers Amazon Prime Now levels of service, democratising same-day delivery at low cost. Ohi is hiring!

Ohi is with

you throughout

your journey

Your customer experience doesn’t end at checkout with Ohi

Ohi allows you to extend your brand experience from checkout to box opening, with Ohi’s same-day and on-demand delivery. Ohi’s partnerships mean you can do away with cardboard delivery boxes, making your customers feel special with presentation bags, or by not using packaging at all.

Your first warehouse with Ohi

Ohi partners with e-Commerce companies from your earliest stages, allowing you to focus on building your brand and customer base.

Ohi integration

Growth stage

Ohi’s AI is helping growth stage companies like you find their second, third or fourth fulfillment centers across the US, without the commitment of long-term leases and expensive integration.

Ohi building blocks

Omni-channel strategies

There’s no need to build expensive new systems and processes to allow your in-store staff to fulfill online orders with Ohi. Our customer portal takes care of all fulfillment for you, allowing you to offer same-day delivery in major cities.

Ohi your way

to success

Spaces to suit your needs

Ohi uses your customer and order data to find the optimal locations for your fulfillment centers within major population centers.

Fully flexible

No need to be locked into long-term warehouse leases. Our platform gives you full flexibility to expand the sizes and locations of your fulfilment centers as your business grows.

Enabling same-day delivery

By helping you position inventory within cities, Ohi gives you access to local couriers to enable same-day delivery for a fraction of the current cost. Ohi also partners with UPS and Fedex to deliver wider regional orders for your customers.

Advanced analytics

Ohi uses data-analytics to optimise inventory and fulfillment across your network, reducing cost and increasing speed to your end customer.

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Ohi enables same-day delivery for e-commerce brands by building the ‘Amazon Prime Now’ experience with next-generation technology.
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